Dermatology issues are very frequent: it’s the second reason dogs are taken to the veterinarian. Every pet owner is attentive to skin diseases because skin and fur are indicators of the overall health of our dogs and cats.

With the Ceva derm products, vets can relief pets and owners from skin disorders, restoring the bond.

DOUXO®: easy-to-use topical products to restore the skin barrier

DOUXO® patented formula contains Phytosphingosine, a molecule that helps restore the skin barrier.  The skin barrier is a physical barrier, essential to protect the body against the penetration of germs, allergens and toxins.  It is relatively impermeable to water, thereby limiting water losses and maintaining a good hydration of the body. By restoring the skin barrier, Douxo® soothes and hydrates sensitive skin, prevents from allergen exposure and helps maintenance of skin microflora balance.

DOUXO® Pyo, Calm, Seb and Care isa full line of solutions for all skin conditions including maintenance for dogs and cats.

And as every pet is different, DOUXO® proposes shampoos but also waterless solutions like gentle foam, micro-emulsion spray, pads and spot-on.

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MODULIS®: proven cyclosporine in a flexible formulation

Cyclosporin is the reference treatment for canine atopic dermatitisThis disease is characterized by pruritus often with recurrent skin or ear infections due to environmental allergens (dust mites, pollens …).

MODULIS® is an oral solution containing Cyclosporin at 100 mg/mL for dog. The product is administered via graduated syringes which allow high dosing accuracy. MODULIS® is available in 4 vial sizes for all dogs’ weight and treatment duration.


ADAXIO® shampoo for dogs: no waste for a fair price

ADAXIO® shampoo for dogs is under prescription and contains Chlorhexidine digluconate 2% and miconazole 2% to treat and control seborrhoeic dermatitis associated with Malassezia pachydermatis and/or Staphylococcus pseudintermedius.

 The 200ml drip-proof bottle is well-adaptated for the treatment of acute phase. For chronic conditions, ADAXIO® is also available in 500ml bottle.

DERMIPRED®: prednisolone in Delicament®

Prednisolone isone of the most used corticosteroid for derm conditions. DERMIPRED® is a unique palatable 4-scored tablet*which maximizes compliance and ensures accurate dosing, essential to find the minimal effective dose.

* in 10mg and 20mg, the 5mg for cats is a half-scored tablet. 

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