New Quality management systems for Hatchery vaccination

Bureau Veritas Accreditation of Chick Program-Lebanon

Poultry is the fastest growing agricultural sub-sector, especially in developing countries. The global poultry sector is expected to continue to grow as demand for meat and eggs is driven by growing populations, rising incomes and urbanisation.
In this context, the sector is facing unprecedented field challenges, for several reasons, including the continuous reduction in the length of the broiler fattening period, the increase in the size of poultry operations and productions, backyards farming and birds immigration.

One of the key challenges for the poultry meat industry, both now and in the future, is the control of broiler health. This is not only to avoid disease outbreaks but, more importantly, to protect the full expression of the genetic potential. Protection weighs heavily on the economy of production and limits contamination by zoonotic pathogens, which could significantly decrease the commercial value of the final product.

Therefore Poultry vaccines are widely applied to prevent and control contagious poultry diseases by avoiding or minimizing the emergence of clinical disease at farm level and Due to frequent difficulties in finding properly trained and motivated manpower in farms to perform good vaccine administration quality, Hatchery vaccination is becoming more and more popular and will strongly develop in the years ahead.

Thus Ceva developed C.H.I.C.K. Program service (Ceva Hatchery Immunization Control Key) for poultry production managers, C.H.I.C.K. Program® aims at controlling hatchery vaccination thanks to qualified staff, equipment and processes.

The C.H.I.C.K. Program Code of Practice and Bureau Veritas

In this context C.H.I.C.K. Program standard operating procedures and hatchery services were implemented in more than 1051 hatcheries around the world and more than 7800 quality service audits are performed by around 175 dedicated and qualified Ceva specialists.

In Near East and gulf, 2 qualified Ceva specialists are implementing C.H.I.C.K. Program in 34 hatcheries and performing 100 quality service audits per year.

All of that triggered the Team to continue evolving and to become an “avant – garde” in meeting international standards. As such, we needed a specific quality system to define standards for the services while providing quality recognition to Ceva teams.

Ceva teams are ensuring the good implementation of all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) listed in Ceva’s reference guide: “Quality Code of Practice for Hatchery vaccination” for the standardization of hatchery services all around the world. Obviously, this recognition should be given by an independent 3rd party certification company; Bureau Veritas group fitted this role perfectly. 

A Quality Stamp for a better guarantee for your customers

Ceva is proud to be the first animal health company to obtain such Quality Recognition for vaccination services ensuring to our customers well vaccinated birds with the same quality service every day and everywhere.

Now Ceva Lebanon has received “Attestation of Recognition” issued by Bureau Veritas.

This quality stamp of approval will guarantee poultry producers and their customers that the quality services provided by Ceva teams are of the highest possible international standard. The promises are summarized in the following 4 points:

1.Qualified teams dedicated to monitoring in ovo and day old chick vaccination quality.

2. Delivery of continuous training for customer operators involved in the vaccination process: vaccine storage and handling, preparation, administration quality, equipment maintenance and results monitoring.

3. Management of equipment with a preventive maintenance program.

4. Regular hatchery visits to contribute to continuous improvement of results.


Ceva Lebanon received Quality Recognition  
 of the C.H.I.C.K Program in 2019

Ceva Lebanon has received Quality Recognition of the C.H.I.C.K Program by the certification company Bureau Veritas in 2019. The vaccination services and Equipment Team in Lebanon is composed by 2 Ceva specialists who follow 8 hatcheries which represents over 57% hatcheries in the country applying the C.H.I.C.K Program out of 14 in total.

During a special ceremony, held on October 9, 2019 the country team especially the Vaccination Services and Equipment group was awarded by the “Attestation of Quality Recognition” for the implementation of the C.H.I.C.K Program according the Code of Practice international standards. Mr. Joseph Chatta– CEO Bureau VERITAS Lebanon, personally delivered the official quality recognition attestation to the team

Ceva Animal Health LLC Team, Near East & Gulf region

From left to right :
Abdallah Cherfane - KAM/vet services manager NEGU,
Celine Fares - Administrative Assistant-NEGU,
Carlos Al Dib - VSE Specialist-NEGU,
Ousama Rafka - Technician,
Francois Roulleau-Poultry BU manager -Middle East,
Paula Hamaty - Bureau Veritas manager,
Rami Yaacoub - VSE manager-NEGU,
Joseph Chatta - Bureau Veritas director,
Emilio Dabbaghian-Director Middle East/Intertropical Africa/Caucase Stans and Laprovet,
Safaa Alam - Vet Services-NEGU,
Elias Assaf -Operational Director-NEGU,

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